Democrats revive cross burning program to attract working-class whites


Democratic leadership has emerged after weeks of soul searching with a new plan designed to appeal to the much coveted “working-class whites.”

Despite exit polls showing that Hillary Clinton won by 10 percentage points among working-class Americans across the board, the Democratic party has emerged willing to concede the importance of catering to just the white portion of the working class.

Democratic Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi took to twitter in an effort to both mimic the populist communication styling of president-elect Donald Trump and to spell out their new strategy dubbed “Operation: White Flight.”

“Democrats have a tremendous history of appealing to whites,” tweeted Pelosi. “Somewhere along the way we became too inclusive. Sad. The Democrats are going to revive our traditional program of cross burning to symbolize this return to our great roots.”

Pelosi laid out an historical case for Democratic appeal to working-class whites.

“Not even a century ago we were the ones building internment camps, and if we go back further it was us fighting for the Confederacy in the civil war,” tweeted Pelosi. “Even today, Obama holds the presidential record for most deportations. We need to learn from Trump. If we do not become boorishly boastful about the destructive policies of our past and present, then we may never get to implement destructive policies in the future.”

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