Clinton unveils new slogan: “Just Say ‘Meh”


Following a string of narrow primary victories over Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton is asking millennial voters to “Just Say ‘Meh,” and support her campaign for president.

Clinton stressed that it could be worse, and that she was for a lot of the things Sanders is for before she was against them, and that she may be willing to be for them again maybe two or even three more times.

Millennials, defined by researchers Neil Howe and William Strauss as “those coddled between 1982 and 2004,” largely support Sanders and are thought to have a large impact on this election cycle.

Another slogan the Clinton campaign considered was “A Clinton was in office while you were playing The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time,” but focus groups found the sentence too exhausting for millennial attention spans. Hey! Are you paying attention?

A source revealed slogans being developed for the general elections include “Hey, I’m not Trump,” and “The Bush Family got two, why can’t mine?”

When asked about Clinton’s new slogan, Prestigious University student Skylar Addams said “meh, at least she isn’t Trump.”

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