Pope calls Sanders “most Christian” candidate

Pope Bernie Site

In a surprise speech, Pope Francis has declared Bernie Sanders, a Jewish Socialist Democrat from Brooklyn, as the “most Christian” candidate for President of the United States.

The fact that Jesus and Bernie Sanders were both once Jewish carpenters was cited to support the claim, and The Pope made sure to clarify that the political ideology of Sanders was not the basis of the Christ comparison.

“Jesus existed nearly two millenia before modern political beliefs came into existence,” said The Pope. “It would be foolhardy to presume which economic and political structures Christ would deem most appropriate for eradicating poverty and suffering. Please do not misconstrue this declaration. This is just because they were both Jewish carpenters.

The Pope made the declaration at the Vatican balcony while dressed in his best Sunday Che Guevara tee and sipping Starbucks.

The endorsement comes just days after the Pope declared Donald Trump’s plans to build a wall along the border as “un-Christian.”

The Pope took an opportunity to double down on his condemnation of Trump, calling him an “orange greed demon.”

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12 thoughts on “Pope calls Sanders “most Christian” candidate

  1. Oh my God. First of all I have never felt about a pope like I do this one. He s so down to earth and I think a wonderful ambassador for Jesus. He also has wonderful taste as Bernie cares for the people just as Jesus did. Many blessings to this amazing pope.

  2. I’ve seen the Pope in his Che Guevara Tee, and must say I think it is awesome and I’d love to have one. Does anyone know how he pope takes his Starbucks? It must be divine. 🙂

  3. As a Jew, when I hear Bernie referred to as “most Christian” I know the Pope means Bernie is a “Mensch” which means he is an honest, decent man with integrity. How sad that being a Mensch has become such an unusual and exceptional thing.

  4. If this is true the pope hasn’t seen the light! We are all one. There’s no better or worse. In humbleness there’s no room for judgement. By categorizing the Pope lost his deepest knowing. He is selling out. A great man playing a wrong role.

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