Huckabee announces stigmata

huckabee stigmata

Former Arkansas Governor and Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee announced he has developed stigmata during a campaign event.

Sources within the Huckabee camp say the development has energized the campaign offices and should serve as proof that their candidate is the number one candidate for Christians.

Political analysts say the decision to develop stigmata is brilliant, but may have been made too late in the game to make a difference.

“This move would have been a game changer six months ago,” said pollster Frank Luntz. “However, the political landscape has rapidly shifted, and much of the GOP base have switched from supporting Jesus Christ to Donald Trump.”

The Huckabee campaign issued a release assuring supporters that the stigmata would not interfere with Huckabee’s book signing tour after he inevitably withdraws from the campaign.

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