Turing Pharmaceuticals CEO says he’ll lower the cost of Daraprim to $2,500


A stock photo of pills, none of which are Daraprim.

Martin Shkreli, Turing Pharmaceuticals CEO, announced he would lower the cost of Daraprim after outrage over a price increase that took a single Daraprim pill from $13.50 to $5,000.

Turing Pharmaceuticals is poised to lower the cost of the critical antiparasitic drug Daraprim by a whopping 50 percent to $2,500

Shkreli maintains that the outrage over the price increase was mostly a misunderstanding.

“I was trying to do something beneficial for the AIDs patients and pregnant mothers out there who depend on this pill,” said Shkreli. “I clearly stated that we would ‘give it away totally for free’ to patients who could not afford it, and if my plan had succeeded it wouldn’t have been long before patients couldn’t afford it. It really was going to be quite nice of us, but the internet and its kneejerk army had to get in the way of our master plan!”

Regardless of the generous price decrease, Shkreli believes that the price tag of $2,500 should be enough to bring patients the financial ruin they need in order to receive free pills.

Shkreli concluded the interview by pronouncing “you’re welcome.”

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