Review of Donald Trump’s biography “I’m Incredibly Rich.”

This week billionaire and Republican presidential front runner Donald Trump released his self-funded biography “I’m Incredibly Rich.”

The title quickly soared to the top of the New York Times Best Seller list largely due to Trump’s mass purchasing of the book for inclusion in campaign mailings and aerial bombardment.

The book, the first in a quadrilogy, bills itself as an inspirational story that can lead the reader down a road of success similar to Trump’s. Stubhill’s staff decided to put the provided wisdom to the test.

The staff at Stubhill had a hard time being born into money, in fact, we regret to report we have failed completely to satisfy this first “Trump Step to Triumphant Success.”

However, we are experiencing success in fulfilling other steps of the program. Not only have we increased our collective insult output, but in just four short days of adhering to the book we are thrilled to reveal that Stubhill has officially filed for bankruptcy.

Stubhill gives this book six out of five stars, and thinks if you don’t buy it, then you’re a loser.


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