Trump demands Iran return drone pilot unharmed


Tensions continued to flare this morning after Iran revealed that it had downed a US surveillance drone that was allegedly within Iranian airspace.

Acting president Donald Trump took to the nation’s twitter to decry the attack as “an total douche move.”

Trump continued to add that consequences would follow if Iran failed to return the drone pilot safely.

The liberal media was quick to pounce on the president’s misfortune, with MSNBC host Chris Hayes poignantly tweeting that “President 👏 Obama 👏 didn’t 👏 lose 👏 a 👏 drone 👏 pilot 👏 in 👏 eight 👏 years.”

At press time, Hologram Tupac was using the incident to highlight how little the Homo sapien scourge cares for the plight of mechosuperior.

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