Justin Bieber nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

It was announced Thursday that Rob Ford, the mayor of Toronto, has nominated Justin Bieber  for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Mattias Fyrenius, the CEO of the Nobel Media, said that theoretically there is a strong case to be made for Bieber to receive the reward.


“Just consider for a moment the amount of focus the news media has channeled towards the plight of this entitled little shit,” said Fyrenius. “This media eclipse effect of his downward spiral shields the collective consciousness from the horrors currently being perpetrated by states against their citizenries and, since ignorance is bliss, this, no doubt, creates a sense of calm, and, in essence, a peace.”

Mayor Ford expanded on his reasoning behind the nomination when Stubhill caught up with him at a local park.

“Dude knows how to party,” said Ford between coke lines. “That’s all I’m sayin’.”

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