Marvel fans traumatized after Avengers: Endgame just 3 hours of Ironman slowly starving to death in space


Moviegoers were left traumatized this weekend after viewing Avengers: Endgame.

The hotly anticipated follow-up to last year’s Avengers: Infinity War featured a slow 3-hour, single-shot starvation death scene of Ironman.

In an exclusive with Robert Downey Jr., the actor revealed the rigors he went through to accurately deliver the scene.

“I went completely method for this one,” beams Downey. “I literally ate nothing for the entire three hours it took to shoot the film.”

The film’s director, the entity known as the Russo brothers said it had initially planned the filming as a practical joke to get back at the actor for hiding snack food on set over the years, but found themselves moved to actually make the movie after seeing Downey’s performance.

“It was really weird how just three hours without snacking left him lifeless,” said the Russo brothers in unison. “But the honesty of the scene was so moving that we couldn’t not make this film.”

As divisive as the creative choice of Avengers: Endgame seems to be, Marvel fans are expected to at least like it better than Ironman 3.

At press time, Avengers: Endgame had made $30 trillion at the box office.

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