Trump: We will never forget day the Trump Building became the tallest in downtown Manhattan


Acting President Donald Jay Trump has once again attacked Michigan Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar over her comments related to the 9/11 attacks.

The Muslim representative has been subjected to viscous scrutiny following her remarks that Muslims were unfairly subjected to viscous scrutiny after some people did something.

In a special press conference today, Trump reminded U.S. citizens that they day they forget the day the Trump Building once again became the tallest building in downtown Manhattan is the day the terrorists win, which would be referred to as “Terrorists Win Day.”

Trump, within hours of the collapse of the twin towers, compassionately pointing out how his building was once again the tallest:


Trump went on to decry Omar’s comments as another leftist attempt to undermine the long-running U.S. tradition of demonizing minority groups.

At press time, the Trump building was only the 17th tallest building in NYC.

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